Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The popemobile rules

I can't contain my excitement that my pope viewing cousin left me a comment on my blog. I feel totally blessed. :-)

OK, I'm going to keep writing stuff, because I'm totally going to turn my random thoughts into a cookbook...or a Jane Austin rip-off novel.

Last night I made seitan picatta. I was inspired by the first top chef challenge this season, when I realized I didn't always know the "classics." BIG success. Pan seared the seitan and whipped up the wine/caper/lemon sauce, roasted some asparagus, and threw together some porcini risotto. I'll post the recipes.

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Karen & Brian said...

Hurrah! A shout-out to the Popemobile and to me! Thanks! I definitely have a crush on the Popemobile.

I would love to have that recipe - it sounds delicious! Cook on!